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Third Grade

                                 A Message from Your Child’s Third Grade Teacher 

We are excited to welcome your child to third grade! We have a very busy year planned. In order to “hit the ground running,” the following supplies should accompany your child the first week of school.  These are donations and are not required purchases.   

pencilsDixon-Ticonderoga 24
colored pencils 12 count1
Thin tipped colored markers 8 - 12 count1
notebook paper*wide-ruledream1
glue sticks  2
pencil tip erasers  12 each
regular eraserMagic Rub 2 each
scissors(blunt point)Child's1
pencil box(not oversized)2" x 5" x 8"1
pocket folders  2
facial tissue box3
white board markers  3
white board eraser/old sock/rag  1
clipboard(not oversized)9" x 12"1

Do NOT send in a binder. They do not fit into student desks. We will be using pocket folders for homework. 

Also, white boards will be available for purchase from your child’s teacher. They will be $3 each which is cheaper and better quality than those purchased at other stores. 

Pencils, pencil tip erasers, and tissue will be pooled in class and given to students as needed. Other items will be stored in student desks. Please write your child’s name on larger items. 

Do NOT send in massive quantities of crayons, markers, etc. All supplies need to fit inside a regular size pencil box, except the clip board and white board. because they are easily knocked to the floor and do not fit into student desks. 

Cheaper pencils do not sharpen correctly and break easily. Usually students throw them out before the pencil is used up. Please buy quality pencils. 

We are looking forward to an awesome year!

Thanks for your support,

The Third Grade Team

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