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Dress Code

In keeping with the goals of exemplary achievement for academics, leadership, sociability, and responsibility, we expect students to model an acceptable appearance while at school. The following dress and appearance policy has been established to clarify expectations and guidelines, while giving students the ability to be comfortably attired and the opportunity to express individuality. This policy is designed to minimize disruption and reflects law enforcement recommendations for safety, as well as community expectations.

In general , clothing must be clean, modest, and in good repair. Hats are allowed at school for sun protection only and maybe worn outdoors only. Brims of the hat must worn facing forward.


  • Strapless, backless, bare-midriff, or extremely low cut tops with spaghetti straps (girls)

  • Muscle man T-Shirts, bare-midriff shirts (boys)

  • Clothing revealing any part of undergarments, including bra straps or boxer shorts

  • Clothing revealing any part of stomach, midriff, chest or buttocks, excessively tight clothing, or clothing made from sheer or loose woven fabrics may not be worn.

  • Sheer tops may not be worn unless worn over a solid top.

  • Clothing depicting or promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex or violence.

  • Clothing which contains profanity, vulgarity, nudity, obscene or offensive logos, symbols or slogans.

  • Clothing which is degrading to any cultural, sexual, or religious values.

  • Jewelry or accessories which display studs, spikes, replica weapons, or drug paraphernalia, or which may pose a threat to a student's safety such as nose rings or large hoop earrings.

  • Wallet chains

  • Flip flops, slippers, spiked heels or steal-toed shoes.

  • Hats, caps, hairnets, wave caps, bandannas, hoods, beanies, visors or other head coverings except (1) unaltered school logo items and (2) sun -protective wear specifically approved by the school officials to be worn outside only.

  • Any other attire determined by school administration to be a classroom or campus distraction, hazardous or inappropriate and specifically identified as such.

  • Any gang-related attire offensive to school administration or teachers.

  • No unnatural hair colors are allowed because they can disrupt instruction (e.g., blue, green, pink, etc.).