If on the playground before or after school ALL playground rules apply.

  1. Before school: Grades K-5- playground supervision begins at 7:30 am.

  2. After school: Students should sit down behind the yellow line on the sidewalk near the upper parking lot and wait to be picked up. ABSOLUTELY no playing, running, pushing, or shoving.

PARENTS: Please do not bring students to school earlier than 7:30 a.m. as there is NO supervision on the playground.

All students are expected to leave promptly when dismissed after school. Please pick up your child promptly. There is teacher supervision in the front of the school until 2:50 ONLY. Children on the playground after school must be supervised by a parent or other responsible adult.

Playground Rules

All students must go directly to the playground at recess time. Students may not be near classrooms unsupervised.

2. Walk to and from the playground on the sidewalks.

3. Play organized games on the blacktop. (Running games on the field only.)

4. Eat snacks in designated areas only. Snacks may NOT be eaten on play equipment or on the field or black top.

5. Throw trash away. No littering!

6. Students may not play any game that involves throwing a ball or other object at a student standing against a wall.

7. Students may not play in the bathrooms.

8. Keep hands, feet and objects to one’s self.

9. Sand Box Rules

a. Keep the sand in the sand box. ABSOLUTELY NO throwing sand.

b. No running in the sand box.

c. No jumping off equipment

d. One student down the slide at a time

e. Slide down the slides on bottoms only

f. Do not climb up the slides

g. Do not put sand on slides, equipment or the blacktop

h. If digging in the sand, holes must be filled before leaving sandbox area

i. Clean off hands and clothing when leaving the sandbox area.

10. No excluding peers from games.

11. No physical or verbal bullying.

12. No games involving physical contact (tackling, pushing, grabbing, tripping)

13. When waiting for a turn on the swings, count to 50. (Counting like: 1, 1000, 2, 1000, 3, 1000)

14. No jumping off the swings. Students must swing sitting on bottoms only.

15. No throwing objects of any kind. (sand, rocks, wood-chips, etc.)

16. The area past the paved walkway and the white painted line on the Kit Carson Park side of the playground is off limits.